What is a campervan?

A campervan is a vehicle that serves at the same time both as a means of transport and as a living space.

Our campervans are equipped with 6 seats, 6 sleeping rooms, kitchen (equipped with stove, refrigerator, freezer, sink, worktop), bathroom (hot / cold shower cabin, WC, sink) storage, hot water and heat, photovoltaic panels

All our cars are specially equipped for winter, with gas or diesel heating, anti-slip protection of the installations, making them usable in conditions of extreme comfort at temperatures between -30 and + 40 degrees Celsius.

The cars are fully functional both in camping mode (connected to utilities sources, in camping) and in off-camp mode (on the beach or on the top of the mountain, without electricity or water / gas).

Can I drive a campervan if I have a B license?

Yes. All our cars are driven by a license B category (less than 3.5 tons).

Should I rent or buy a campervan?

We offer the possibility of CAMPER SHARING. So with just € 1,000 per year you can get your car with your family. Purchasing a car for personal use can result in a budget of 50,000 euros plus parking, maintenance, etc..

In the case of CAMPER SHARING, these issues are resolved, plus you can make your calculations according to the number of holidays / days you can benefit from in one year.

Are there any camping options in Romania?

Yes, there are more than 80 camps in ROMANIA. You have their map on our Facebook page. In addition, on every route we recommend camping along the route and not to forget about off-camping, especially preferred by foreign tourists.

How large is campervan consumption?

Generally speaking, an automobile consumes about 9-11 l of Diesel/ 100 km, depending on the load and driving style of each driver.

What is the driving speed I should use?

Legally, there is no special limitation for drivers, they respect the same traffic restrictions as cars.

On highways, we advise choosing a speed of 100-110 km / h, and on national roads a speed of 80-90 km / h.

On roads with curves / tight corners you need increased attention due to weight and height can cause you to balance. Generally, on these roads, a speed of 10 km / h is recommended to be lower than the speed indicator on that road.

Can the campervan be driven by multiple drivers?

YES, we do not limit the number of drivers, but the rule is minimum 25 years and minimum 3 years permitting cat. B.

Is there insurance for the campervan?

YES, full CASCO and RCA. In the event of an accident, you must notify the police and notify us to offer you support.

Is there a kilometer limit?

NO, but we recommend a maximum distance of 5-600 km per day because it is tiring and yet it is a difference to your car that you drive daily.

How much is the warranty?

The warranty is 500 Euro (equivalent in RON at the time of receiving the money) and will be collected at the moment of picking up the car or before by bank transfer.

The warranty is returned in the case of handing over in good condition of the car, in the event of an accident it is withheld EUR 250 which is the equivalent of the CASCO franchise, if the car driver has to remain in service for more than 3 days, the guarantee is fully dealt with as damages interests.

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