Privacy policy

AUTORULOTE 4 TRAVEL collects sensitive data on the website’s pages only by using voluntary agreement of the Client, on the basis of the following purposes:

  • validating, sending and billing the requests towards the Client
  • solving canceling situations or any issues related to a request or a contract for the services or products that have been acquired by the Client
  • providing access to the services
  • sending newsletters and/or periodic alerts, exclusively electronically
  • contacting the client at his voluntar request
  • contracting the client with regards to Public Client Relationships\
  • statistical objectives

By providing his information, each Client expresses his consent for AUTORULOTE 4 TRAVEL to collect and manage sensitive data, according to 677/2001 Law’s stipulations. The data will be collected via Wix, Yesware, Mail Chimp, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube applications and stored in a database in order to be used for marketing purposes along with sending promotional/advertising materials. Data collection conditions previously mentioned are in accordance with law stipulations regarding personal data protection and free circulation of such data.

Via a written request and with regards to AUTORULOTE 4 TRAVEL, any Client has the right to receive the following:

  • confirmation that data regarding himself are or are not processed at a certain time
  • updating, blocking, correcting, deleting information that, being processed not according to the law, especially incomplete or imprecise data
  • converting data into anonymous data in cases in which its processing is not according to the law

The Client will send the written request via e-mail at

Any Client has the right to oppose in any moment, based on solid and legitimate reasons related to his particular situation, by sending a written request to AUTORULOTE 4 TRAVEL . The request must contain data related to client’s situation and become processed, with the exception of the cases in which there is contrar legal stipulation. In case of justified opposition, data processing cannot be applied to respective information.

Privacy Policy AUTORULOTE 4 TRAVEL refers to the data provided by the Customer through the forms available in the “Contact” and “Request Offer” sections of the site. AUTORULOTE 4 TRAVEL is not responsible for the privacy policy practiced by any third party that can be reached through links, regardless of their nature, outside of the site.

AUTORULOTE 4 TRAVEL states that the collected data of the User / Client will be used only in accordance with the declared purposes and not to make public, sell, rent, license, transfer, etc. the database containing information about the personal or special data of the Customer / User of any third party not involved in the fulfillment of the declared purposes.

Exceptions to the provisions of art. above will make the situation where the transfer / access / visualization / etc is required by the composing parts in the cases provided by the regulations in force at the date of the event. AUTORULOTE 4 TRAVEL will collect the following personal data: name, e-mail, phone number, address, company date

During the booking process, AUTORULOTE 4 TRAVEL will gain access to personal documents such as identity papers, driving licenses, flight or transfer details. These documents are electronically archived in a secure physical and electronic environment, with access only to the person responsible for the security of data. Access to these data is permitted only on the request of the competent authorities (Police, Prosecutor’s Office, insurance companies in case of damages).

All AUTORULOTE 4 TRAVEL vehicles are equipped with position, speed and vehicle status monitors (off / on / stationary). These devices allow the remote immobilisation of the vehicle in justified cases (theft, etc.). Vehicle position privileges are stored for 3 years on a secure server (Evo GPS provider).

All AUTORULOTE 4 TRAVEL take-over or handover locations are equipped with advanced security and anti-burglary systems (high definition day / night video capture, including face and face plates, motion detector, infrared barriers with automatic activation of the video surveillance system).

AUTORULOTE 4 TRAVEL will give its employees responsible for taking / handing over the vehicles the name, surname, telephone number of the clients entitled to take over / hand over the rented vehicles, and AUTORULOTE 4 TRAVEL employees will validate each driving license (identity card and driving license).

AUTORULOTE 4 TRAVEL will carry out a complex process of analysis in several stages, including the verification of the identity of the person booking the vehicle, the damage history, incidents with other car rental companies, in the analysis of the car and car rental customers’ identity and other possible information to jeopardize the vehicle or the AUTORULOTE 4 TRAVEL personnel (thefts, abuses, accidents, imprudent driving, but not limited to). The information obtained will only be used for its own purposes and will not be disseminated to other third parties. Based on these AUTORULOTE 4 TRAVEL reserves the right to accept or refuse the rental without further explanation.

By continuing to browse the website and by communicating via phone, by e-mail or other means of communication, you acknowledge that you have become aware of and that you agree to these data collection and use policies.