Offer for holiday with campervan

  • Unlimited nr of km
  • CASCO+RCA insurance
  • 6 places max capacity
  • Set of bed clothes
  • Complete set for outing
  • Bicycles if requested
  • Pet friendly campervan

Why rent an campervan?

Who didn’t dream of a long vacation all summer with a camervan or van in the mountains and waves or at the beach? A journey with your life partner, family or friends, with no plans, with spontaneous stops and window stories.

New ! - Free Test Drive

Come with your family at a free test drive and turn your vacation into a wonderful experience !!! You need a Class B booklet of 3 years and a pre-appointment or messenger.

After all, this is the charm of traveling with the campervan...

Tell me what housing you choose when you go on vacation, so I can to tell you what relationships you are with your loved ones

Did you think that the campervan can gather all your loved ones near you at the same time?

I’ll give you some advice: Try not to stay away from your loved ones on holidays!

If you go on vacation with the campervan, you will be able to make your own tourist package!
You will be able to change your destination, even after you’ve started your journey … after all this is the charm of traveling with a campervan